How a Cash Acceleration Strategy Can Help Your Business Soar!

Scaling up your business is all about systematically reaching new heights – employing effective business growth strategies to enjoy more money with more free time and more fun (with less stress). As a Scaling Up success coach helping create cultures that work, it occurs to me that operating a business – and taking that business to higher altitudes of success – is like learning to fly an airplane. This was always a dream of mine, and everything was going well until…

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How Do You Define Success?

Recently, serving in my role as a Scaling Up Business Coach, I met Paul Saunders, his wife Emily and brother Andrew who launched a successful start up over 10 years ago, a manufacturing company called eLuxury.

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Mindful Leadership at Every Level When Scaling Up

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Bob Whitacre grew his company—Cornerstone Companies, a 30-year-old healthcare real estate firm—from plans on the back of napkins and a handful of people to a team that could handle the challenges of managing thousands of square feet of real estate.

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Unfrazzling: Cutting Stress in Half!

The negative emotions of frazzle are contagious and sweep like the flu, hampering team performance. What can employees do—through their own self-leadership—to accept the other half of the responsibility for their work climate and reduce frazzle?

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