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Dr. Craig Overmyer is co-founder of Cultures That Work, Inc. As a Scaling Up Certified Coach, Craig and the Cultures That Work, Inc. team educate, train and coach mid-market business owners and their executive teams. After 35 years experience, Craig is known for leveraging easy to follow tools for the executive team to lead their entire company to be aligned for sustainable growth.

I’m always saying conflict is natural inside organizations.

Instead of trying to squash it or worse – ignore it, embrace conflict and make it productive.

I joined @Gretchen Schott on @Threefold’s podcast, Made for Impact to discuss what productive conflict is and what leaders can do to reduce drama inside their growing organizations.

Accelerate Thru Conflict with Dr. Craig Overmyer

Dr. Craig Overmyer the author of Accelerate thru conflict discusses how to manage conflict in high growth organizations on Scaling Up Insights by Neale Lewis.

Join Guest Dr. Craig Overmyer on The Scaling Up Services Podcast

Dr. Craig Overmyer the author of Accelerate thru conflict and Scaling Up Certified Coach joins the latest Scaling Up Services podcast.