Dr. Craig Overmyer and the CTW team have partnered with Dunbar Organizational Health to deliver our course, Mindful Leadership at Every Level. This training includes the Productive Conflict Profile and support for the 12-chapter course presented on the Dunbar Virtual Training (VT) System. It is a web-based, interactive, virtual training and communication platform that has been developed, enhanced, and perfected for over 17 years. It tracks, monitors, and measures everything the user does, and has built-in real-time reporting and notification features. It is available 24/7 on laptops, tablets and smart phones. Our courses are interactive modules that can be accessed anytime, day or night, making it the least disruptive training tool on the market today.

Click below for an overview of the 12-chapter course that brings to life In-The-Moment-Conversations and helps to make training stick!

The benefits for this course include:

  1. Productive Conflict Profile and training
  2. Discover how each of your colleagues shows up during conflict
  3. Learn how to adapt to the DiSC styles of colleagues
  4. Understand the 4 STEP In-The-Moment-Conversations
  5. Improve engagement and performance