Dr. Craig Overmyer

Dr. Craig Overmyer is co-founder of Cultures That Work, Inc. As a Scaling Up Certified Coach , Craig and the Cultures That Work, Inc. team educate, train and coach mid-market business owners and their executive teams. After 35 years experience, Craig is known for leveraging easy to follow tools for the executive team to lead their entire company to be aligned for sustainable growth.

Scaling Up Certified Coaches are uniquely qualified to equip leadership teams with the tools to accelerate GROWTH. Masters of Business Dynamics from the Growth Institute, Oct, 2019.

By attending a one-day private (arranged just for your team) or one-day public workshop facilitated by our coaches, you can GAIN:

  • An overview of the Four Decisions vital for growth firms: People; Strategy; Execution; Cash.
  • Key Elements to start building your One-Page Strategic Plan to focus and align your team.
  • The Rockefeller Habits Checklist to strengthen your culture’s ability to execute and accelerate your growth.
  • Simple, practical and applicable tools to improve your business results right away.
  • An aligned, accountable and enthusiastic leadership team, ready to hit the ground running.
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Dr. Craig Overmyer

Scaling Up Certified Coach

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