“Our work with Dr. Craig Overmyer has been exceptional. He has a keen ability to really understand where an organization is currently, diagnose that with clear objectivity, and then help craft a vision for the future. Craig doesn't just do a great strategy day, he's willing to roll up his sleeves and help you with the specific steps needed to get your organization to the next level. He understands real issues and helps you tackle the problems and have the tough conversations that will get your leadership team from where they are to who you envision them becoming. Craig has a wonderful ability to foster dialogue around conflict and help leadership teams have more meaningful conversations and uncover the tension points and opportunities that are needed to propel the company forward. He has phenomenal wisdom and a wealth of experience that bring together vetted research and his own works. His advice is often very specific and practical even though it stems from broad experiences and contexts. We have worked with multiple other coaches over our twenty-five year history, and Craig is by far the most experienced and relevant.”

“Dr. Overmyer has been a longtime advocate of Renovia and our pursuit of growth. His ability to get at the core of an issue we’re working to solve has given way for our Executive Team to go further, faster. Aside from his vast array of experience, he has a heart of service in seeing others succeed which is visible in any of his coaching sessions or executive retreats. His ability to stay present and in the moment is unmatched and a must-have from any high level coach.”

“At Cobblestone, we believe that the foundation of trust is critical to our long-term success and culture. We found that having In-The-Moment Conversations™ daily helped build trust rather than erode it.

Our Virtual Training facilitator was Dr. Craig Overmyer from Cultures That Work, Inc. To implement Dr. Overmyer’s trainings, we worked within the Dunbar Organizational Health Virtual Training platform. We had a weekly virtual training from Dunbar Organizational Health that opened so many doors for us. We were really pleased with the Dunbar Organizational Health contribution to our learning! Everyone on the Cobblestone team was so comfortable and participated in delivering that message of trust by sharing their thoughts. The virtual training was a beneficial part in bringing our team at Cobblestone Homes closer together.

At first, I was skeptical about the online training since I like to typically like to meet in person. But as we started to move forward, we could not get over how well it worked. I appreciate the accountability to do the homework beforehand. The training platform is designed so that our administration can keep a log of where everyone is at and help maintain that accountability.

We recently did a Critical Thinking In Times of Crisis webinar with Dr. Overmyer. We were thrilled how beneficial it was for our team! It helped bring out where people’s true feelings were in a safe environment built around trust. It made me more aware of the disconnects in our leadership teams.

The most important thing for us going forward was that trust element, and it really brought unity to the team while letting everyone’s thoughts be heard.

We have taken everything we’ve learned from our leadership team, to our management team, and now out into the field to our trading supplier base. It has really brought the team together and made us stronger!”

“Dr. Overmyer has provided training, coaching and business development consulting that has significantly grown our business by expanding our impact through two new practices. Our cash flow is really good, and I can sleep well at night!”

“During the time Dr. Overmyer has been involved with Allure Medical, the company has increased 10x in size. He has led companywide keynotes on servant leadership, meditation, and conflict management. Dr. Overmyer has been instrumental in implementing positive changes through coaching key leaders within our company.”

“We have worked with Dr. Craig 10+ years and he has been instrumental helping our company scale up and work to achieve our BHAG!”