Unfrazzling: Cutting Stress in Half!

Unfrazzling: Cutting Stress in Half!

These business leaders have something in common. They confront brutal facts and retain unwavering faith that they can and will prevail. They are fanatic about disciplined thought, disciplined people, and disciplined action.

Scaling Up is challenging work. These leaders have achieved clarity, alignment and focus and have a team that is dedicated to the plan, and diligent in execution. This is essential to your success!

It all starts with an aligned leadership team who create a resilient, results-driven culture for your business to scale. We’ll guide you through the development of your differentiated plan, powered by a proven system using growth processes, tools, and techniques.

This workshop is especially helpful for those who have a growth mindset and who are determined to take the time needed to work on their business. Is growth an imperative for you and your team? If so, this workshop is for you!

So I asked them a challenging question: “What if you could cut your stress in half?” They welcomed the challenge.

Conflict situations are threatening and feel personal. Our instinct is to protect ourselves. Therefore, we may react so quickly that we don’t even notice our thoughts. But beneath the surface, a thought process is playing out: a conflict event triggers an automatic, biased, self-limiting thought, which in turn triggers a destructive response.

For example, automatic thoughts such as “I’m not backing down” or “You don’t get it. I’m obviously right” could lead to arguing.

The team practiced being mindfully aware of their breath, regaining focus, and acknowledging the automatic thoughts triggered during conflict, such as “He doesn’t care that I am overwhelmed” and “I’ll never get caught up.” The destructive responses were to brood privately or gossip about the workload.

They discovered a truth for all of us. The drama of conflict and disagreement takes place within our own mind. In other words, most of the conflict is within us, and our thoughts are at odds with each other! We can do something about that! That’s how to cut stress in half!

The team reframed their automatic thoughts. By thinking, “Our leader cares” and “We will cover or have each other’s back,” they practiced de-escalating emotions during conflict. They renewed trust in the leader and now speak up and ask for help when overwhelmed, rather than doubling down on the stress coming from outside of themselves.

That’s how they cut their stress in half!