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The Barriers Chapter

Part 1: Conflict Impacts Momentum

Working with our Scaling Up Certified Coaches, business owners, executive leadership teams and key leaders, at every level of privately held firms and family businesses, free themselves from three mistakes:

1. Avoiding productive conflict

2. Neglecting to reduce confusion

3. Tolerating underperforming teams

Our leadership training, coaching and education accelerates cultural transformation changing friction into productive conflict, confusion into clarity, and underperformance into a high performing team of teams.

Only three things happen naturally in all organizations; friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership. —Peter Drucker

Start by knowing the Challenges of Scaling Up Your Business

Is your executive leadership team equipped to scale up business growth and company culture?

Discover how prepared your company is for substantial growth. Take 4 minutes to complete The Scaling UP 4D Assessment™. The assessment's 32 questions are organized around the 4 Decisions framework - People, Strategy, Execution and Cash - the decisions you must get right - or risk leaving significant revenues, profits and time on the table. Once completed you will get immediate feedback via email.
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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

``We recently did a Critical Thinking In Times of Crisis webinar with Dr. Overmyer. We were thrilled how beneficial it was for our team! It helped bring out where people’s true feelings were in a safe environment built around trust. It made me more aware of the disconnects in our leadership teams.``

Mark Wahl

Owner, Cobblestone Homes

``During the time Dr. Overmyer has been involved with Allure Medical, the company has increased 10x in size. He has led companywide keynotes on servant leadership, meditation, and conflict management. Dr. Overmyer has been instrumental in implementing positive changes through coaching key leaders within our company.``

Traci Grossman

MS, PA-C, Allure Medical

``We have worked with Dr. Craig 10+ years and he has been instrumental helping our company scale up and work to achieve our BHAG!``

Jeffrey L. Kittle

President & CEO, Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.

Accelerate Thru Conflict

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