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Our Global Scaling Up program, which provides a fast-track learning proposition. 

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2x Your Cash Flow

3x Your Profitability

10x Your Valuation

program overview

The 20,000 Scaleups program is our signature global offering. This one-year fast track learning program is delivered in the classroom alongside up to a further five high growth organizations. The program also provides each participating CEO the opportunity to attend a 2 days of learning at Harvard University.

  • Delivered on a quarterly basis in Metro Indy
  • Access to Growth Institute online learning portal
  • Partnered with the TECH College at Harvard University
  • Full access to Cashflow Story software
  • For organizations seeking to Scale Up to $1 Billion in revenues and beyond
  • Full access to Scaling Up Scoreboard software

Contact us to see if joining a local community of committed entrepreneurs is right for your leadership team.

program details

Your Team:
  • 2 Scaling Up Coaches and
  • 8 Business Speakers

Coaching Schedule:
  • 7  Full day coaching sessions with Leadership Team

Leadership Coaching:
  • 4 CEO 4-Hour Roundtables
  • 4 CEO 1 Hour Check-ins

Finance Coaching :
  • 2 Sessions: Cashflow Story Coaching Session w/CEO & CFO
Expanded Team: 
  • *Access to Growth Institute video and live training programs

Scaling Scoreboard Accountability Calls:  
  • *Accountability Coach

Achieving Extraordinary Exits:
  • 2 Sessions: Preparing for Extraordinary Exits with STS Capital Partners

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Does your team qualify?

We get it–running and scaling a business can feel overwhelming. You may feel uncertain about what steps you need to take to grow to the next level. A successful business has the right plan, process and people in place to scale.

Our Harvard Certified Scaling Up program helps you avoid stagnant growth by giving you and your team the tools and resources needed to confidently scale.

Feel like you don’t have time? Sometimes you need to slow down to scale up. Learn why 20,000 Scaleups is essential to your business growth.

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20,000 Scaleups Program Benefits


We host a number of workshops throughout the year that are either free or offered at a discounted rate. These workshops are either focused on a specific area, i.e. People or Cash or a full day diving deep into the Scaling Up curriculum.


We fervently believe in the power of Peer learning. Participants take part in a CEO Forum Group with like minded Business Owners, CEOs and Presidents. Here you will save time and accomplish objectives faster by gaining wisdom from the lessons learned of your peers.


Scaling Up conducts 1 to 2 summits per year. Practitioners’ of Scaling Up join with industry leaders, authors and entrepreneurs for three days of learning growth and networking . All clients have access to discounted tickets to the Scaling Up Summits and FREE online sessions.


As a client, you will have access to 100s of powerful learning resources to help accelerate your learning. We have compiled playlists that are focused on: Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Culture, Finance, Leadership, Development and much more. Curated articles will be sent to you.


We partner with other organizations to enable you to access resources that are designed to help you and your team to be your very best, including but not limited to: Wiley including PCP and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Zingtrain, Oxford Commercial Finance, STS.

Features of the 20,000 ScaleUps Worldwide Movement

Global, But Local.

Join a powerful cohort in Indianapolis.

Build success with our 4 quarterly in-person team meetings per year plus our virtual learning platform to keep your leadership motivated, focused and accountable.


Earn a Master’s Certificate.

After the first year, CEOs from the participating firms can attend Harvard for a two-day workshop to earn their Master’s Certificate from the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center.

Invested In Your Growth.

Guided by Dr. Craig Overmyer & Dan Hurley.

Learn and implement our proven performance platform and management tools to equip your leadership team with the skills needed to scale your business for success.

Meet Your Metro Indy Coaches

dr. craig overmyer

For 20 years, I have worked with business owners and executive leadership teams of privately held and family-owned businesses who are preparing the next generation of leaders. Since 1999, I have worked with hundreds of business owners of growth firms that double in size every 3 to 5 years who often yearn to be set free from three snares: (1) sucked into daily operations, (2) tolerating underperforming teams, and (3) failing to get everyone on the same page. This takes a toll and drains precious time, energy, and cash flow.

As a business owner, how much time would you save if you were free from worrisome checking in on the success or failure of your business or organization? Our purpose at Cultures That Work is to create a partnering climate of value-creating service that results in freeing up more time, energy, and resources for C-level executives and business owners as well as their leaders and teams.

Our tools include cultural transformation tools such as the Cultural Values Assessment and the Emplify Quarterly Survey as well as coaching. My specialty is Mindful Leadership at Every Level, a leadership approach that will show you how to create an engaged, coachable, accountable, and productive culture that works through In-The-Moment Conversations for productive conflict.

Cultures That Work clients include Crew Carwash, Birge & Held, Barrett & Stokely, California Closets, Renovia, CertaPro Painters® of Indianapolis, Kittle Property Group, Witham Hospital, BerryIT, The Atkins Group, and Indy Implants.

Have questions about this program, contact me at

Dr. Pamela Carrington Rotto

Dr. Pamela Carrington Rotto is a proven leader and coach to CEOs + leadership teams in the private business and not-for-profit sectors. She provides coach-led facilitation, education, and execution of proven tools and disciplines that get results.

CEOs and their leadership teams connect with Pamela when they want to build lasting muscle to simultaneously run and scale the business while growing their legacy.

These CEOs may:

  • Feel uncertain about defining “growth” for their company or pressure to “choose” between margins vs growth.
  • Want to maximize success by developing the right routines and capabilities – characterized by simplicity, differentiation, competitive advantage, visibility, and financial sustainability.
  • Be driven to ensure that employees are focused on the most important activities that serve the company’s strategy.
  • Want to attract and retain talented people by investing in employee growth and creating a best place to work culture.
  • Believe that challenging times shouldn’t stop their company from providing superior customer engagement, developing resiliency, or fulfilling its potential.


No company can tackle everything all at once. Pamela works closely with CEO + leadership teams to understand their starting point, invest in differentiated scenario planning, decide which moves are for now vs later, and grow leadership and teamwork at every level.

Have questions about this program, contact me at

Hear From Other Businesses Who Have Scaled With Us

Using the Scaling Up methodologies, we have helped dozens of businesses and leadership teams successfully scale in the last decade.

“Dr. Overmyer has been a longtime advocate of Renovia and our pursuit of growth. His ability to get at the core of an issue has allowed our Executive Team to go further, faster. Besides his vast experience, he has his heart in seeing others succeed. His ability to stay present and in the moment is unmatched and a must-have for any high level coach.”

“Craig’s approach to ‘scaling up’ has been instrumental in Birge & Held’s growth from a small apartment owner with $100 million in assets to one of the largest multifamily apartment owners in the Midwest with over $1 billion in AUM.”

“This Scaling Up process and our coach, Dan Hurley, has really changed me and my company. I no longer feel like I am doing it by myself. Everyone is clear on who we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there. We are truly a team now.”

“While my team (I have a 4-member senior leadership team) and I thought we understood all the various things we were doing around marketing, sales, delivery, service, and follow-up, Dan has helped bring us to a new and more insightful level.

A huge piece of why we have been and continue to be successful is that Dan uses the Scaling Up model, as well as other useful tools from his deep and storied history.

He has an amazing way of delivering ideas, good news, bad news and suggestions that don’t come across as the “paid consultant” telling you what to do.”

Here are other clients we have worked with


We’ve been helping companies grow their businesses from 7 figures to 8 figures or 8 figures to 9 figures and even 10 figures in a clear, concise, and well-developed way. We’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs, business owners, and executive leaders like you, to alleviate the barriers to growth such as:

  • The inability to staff/grow enough leaders, especially the executive leadership team, who have the capabilities to delegate and predict
  • The lack of scalable infrastructure to handle the complexity of communication and decision making through productive conflict resolution
  • Carrying too much of the load of daily operations rather than spending most of the time on market facing activities

Meet Our City Champions

Brent Tilson – President of Tilson HR and BestSelling Author of Grow Slow To Grow Fast

“To accelerate and sustain growth, leaders must have a clearly articulated strategy and align their people to execute without drama. It is important to invest the time to develop a comprehensive plan that will drive efficiency and effectiveness to build a high-performance business. Through this Scaling Up exclusive group your senior team will have the coaching, methodologies and strategies to build and execute your plan.”

Brent R. Tilson is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, industry leader, and civic advocate. From his start as a CPA, he has been a champion for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He is the founder and CEO of Tilson HR, a national professional employer organization providing a comprehensive suite of business solutions to help businesses grow and thrive.

Santiago Jaramillo – CEO of Emplify and BestSelling Co-Author of Agile Engagement

“In the journey of scaling up a fast-growth business, it is critical for healthy and aligned executive leadership teams to focus on creating a market-winning strategy with clear ownership on execution accountabilities. Clarity and accountability are massive multipliers of growth, focus and peace of mind. This exclusive and proven 20K Scale Up program delivers methodologies, best practices, and world-class facilitation. Indy’s well-chosen peer group of 5 executive leadership teams will be equipped to turbo-charge their collective growth and do it all with more ease, fun and effectiveness.”

A serial entrepreneur and CEO in the software industry, Santi is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Emplify (acquired by 15Five) where he led a team of technology, psychology and data science experts in supporting leading organizations in their mission to attract, engage and retain the best talent. Emplify’s solution – as part of 15Five now – measures employee engagement and organizational health for thousands of leading organizations around the world and has collected tens of millions of data points about the traits of organizational culture, leadership and management that create employee performance and loyalty.

Your investment

$60,000 / year or $15,150 quarter


Quarterly Meeting Rhythm

Software Subscription

ScaleUp Summits

Company diagnostics and assessment

Maximize your business’ capabilities with on-demand courses from global thought leaders

Harvard Partnership

This initiative, in partnership with the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), furthers the academic rigor and prestige to which we hold our global program standards.

An optional two-day Harvard Program for CEOs*

* Optional session (additional $2,500 fee)

Dates and Location:

This is where we will meet during the program:

June 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2023

Follow-up Quarterly Sessions will be announced.

Silo Auto Club and Conservancy

644 E Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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